Family Photography: Geraldine, Kane & Nathan

Family Sessions

On a clear and sunny day, I drove up to one of my favourite places in the Macedon Ranges: Hanging Rock. I was delighted when Geraldine contacted me and said she would like to have a photography shoot with her son, Kane and Nathan, atop the famous rock. I eagerly agreed, as I knew this would be such a great location.

It’s been around for hundreds of years; local kids used to clamber around on the rocks back in the 1860’s. To this day, families and couples still flock over for the gorgeous views and fresh country air. So it was not a surprise that when we pulled in, hundreds of other people were there too.

We started the photoshoot away from the crowd; we concentrated on getting some great group shots near the trees and picnic tables. The boys were in a relaxed, easy-going mood and their smiles spread across their faces naturally. I have had a few photography shoots with them before – for Christmas and Mother’s Day – and always love to see them smile together.

From here we decided to walk over to the racing section of the grounds, another area that makes the rock so popular. Every year thousands of people come to see this part of the Macedon Ranges. It was a bit of a lengthy trek, but it was well worth it. Once we made it, I took more photos of the boys both individually and together.

They seem to get along great – they explored the area as I continued to capture natural moments with my camera. The rest of the shoot was very candid and relaxed, which is apparent in the images. They climbed the trunk of a tree, sat atop logs with their arms thrown around each other and lovingly chatted with their mum. With the beautiful backdrop and their beaming faces, I was able to take some great images of this lovely family.

Geraldine told me they recently built a new house in the area, and she couldn’t wait to have these framed and hung on its walls. I’m sure these will look great and they will be able to look at them fondly for years to come. This was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and am very happy with the outcome of these images!


MadeleineChiller-boyswithmother-candid-naturallight MadeleineChiller-brother-candid-naturallight-gardens MadeleineChiller-youngboyathangingrock-candid-naturallight MadeleineChiller-youngboyathangingrock-tree-candid-naturallight MadeleineChiller-youngboyplayingonrocks-candid-naturallight MadeleineChiller-boyplayingathangingrock-candid-naturallight MadeleineChiller-boyswithmother-candid-naturallight-familysession


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