“If only I could turn back the time...”

Sadly, that's impossible.

Your baby will continue to grow, and you won’t be able to stop your little human from growing everyday. The crawling will start, then comes the walking and running around…

You’d be thinking to yourself and wondering: “Where did my baby go?”

What you can do, though, is freeze those first weeks of earthside with a bespoke newborn session.

Getting professional photos of your baby will help you share their story.

These photos are so much more than just those little fingers and toes.

They bring you back to the first moment you listened to your baby’s heartbeat at the clinic!

It’s the explosion of joy you had holding this human being in your arms, and you never realised that you could love someone so much.

It’s you finally taking your child home and heading into this new season with both excitement and anxiety.

Yet you’d do it all over again if you could.

If you want to soak up as much newborn goodness as possible,
these newborn sessions are for you!

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Newborn Baby Photography Melbourne Natural Light Newborn Photography Estelle 5

“We cannot thank Madeleine enough for taking some of the most beautiful newborn photos of our little girl.

They were so natural and it was nice to be able to do them in our own home.

We highly recommend anyone looking for newborn photos to contact Madeleine as she is absolutely amazing at what she does!”

Baby Photographer Melbourne Newborn Photography Near Me In Home Photo Sessions Babies Charli
Newborn Photography Near Me Baby Photographer Melbourne In Home Photo Sessions Babies Charli 13

"Madeleine was amazing at capturing the pure joy in Charli’s newborn photos. I always feel awkward getting my photo taken but Madeleine put me at ease and didn’t rush things when Charli was crying. I love our newborn photos!

I'm so glad we have beautiful family photos as getting good quality shots during the newborn phase is hard.

I have known Madeleine for years as she was the photographer for our wedding and when it came time to choosing someone to take our maternity and newborn photo’s it was an easy choice."

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