Mother Son Photography Session: Megan & Louis

“Swing me, swing me, swing me round,

I don’t want my feet to touch the ground.

Swing me an hour, swing me some more,

swing me until a quarter past four.

Swing me till summer, swing me through fall,

I promise I’ll never get tired at all.”

Kimberlee Conway Ireton

Megan and 11-month-old Louis enjoyed a great afternoon in the park while I stood back and snapped photos. The playground was just a short walk from their house, where I was greeted with bright smiles.

Louis absolutely loves swing sets. He sat on his mum’s lap joyfully in a huge lounge swing, where they swayed gently. It was lovely watching them interact with each other – Megan was so calm, which seemed to keep Louis relaxed as well.

He sat in a different little swing he could fit into on his own, which he enjoyed for a little while and looked cute; but it was clear he preferred to be with his mum. His little legs just couldn’t kick out yet!

So she scooped him up onto her lap again and they swang together. His face lit up and broke out into a big smile as he spread his arms open like he was about to fly away. This was the best part of the day and I got some great shots here of Louis grinning excitedly from ear to ear!

To end the session, Louis sat on the grass tired out from his swinging adventures. In a short time, I managed to get some great shots of Louis and Megan enjoying themselves and each other’s company.

I love taking photos of kids who enjoy the simple things and are full of wonder, like Louis was. Such a cute little boy who just loved to swing!

MadeleineChiller-familysession-littleboywithmum-garden-naturalcandid-naturallight-1 MadeleineChiller-familysession-littleboywithmum-garden-naturalcandid-naturallight-2 MadeleineChiller-familysession-littleboywithmum-garden-naturalcandid-naturallight-3 MadeleineChiller-familysession-littleboywithmum-garden-naturalcandid-naturallight-4 MadeleineChiller-familysession-littleboywithmum-garden-naturalcandid-naturallight-5 MadeleineChiller-familysession-littleboywithmum-garden-naturalcandid-naturallight-6 MadeleineChiller-familysession-littleboywithmum-garden-naturalcandid-naturallight-7 MadeleineChiller-familysession-littleboywithmum-garden-naturalcandid-naturallight-8 MadeleineChiller-familysession-littleboywithmum-garden-naturalcandid-naturallight-9 MadeleineChiller-familysession-littleboywithmum-garden-naturalcandid-naturallight-10


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