Family Photography Session: Dot, Keryn & Ash

Family Sessions

Taking photographs of Ash, his mother Keryn and his grandmother Dot was an afternoon full of laughter, joy and fun. As I pulled into their family home, I was looking forward to taking advantage of the natural light that spilled into their lovely lounge room. Ash looked up at me shyly at first as he sat with his toys sprawled around him. It didn’t take long for me to win him over as we eased into the session though.

He got especially excited blowing bubbles with his mum – they were a big hit! We spent some time doing this inside before we moved into their sunny backyard. This is when Ash really came out of his shell; his face lit up as he ran to his little slide. He kept peeking over at me to make sure I was still pointing my camera at him, which was so cute. They also had a tepee tent set up, which he poked his head out of laughing.

Dot, Keryn and Ash all played together outside while I photographed from a distance. It was great to see the three of them interact with each other; they constantly smiled and enjoyed each other’s company. Both Dot and Keryn clearly adore the little man, which is clearly portrayed in the images. While I got many great shots of the three of them together, I also caught great moments with just Ash and his mum or just Ash and Dot.

It was a great candid session that flowed naturally. We just let Ash play and do what he wanted, while I captured his happy personality. Surrounded by his toys and items in the backyard, he was so easily entertained; he was happy playing with puppets, clothespins or just rolling in the grass. He loved being cuddled by Keryn and Dot, as the whole lot of them giggled. He has a great laugh, which I can still hear as I look back at the images.

The session ended back in their home, where Ash zoomed across the floor on his little truck, surrounded by toy cars. It was so much fun to spend time with this loving family and I’m glad I met Ash – he was such a joy to be around!

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