Family Photography Session with Mia, Eve & Phuc

Family Sessions

Little Mia and her parents, Eve and Phuc, were an absolute delight to photograph. This lovely family session was set in the Billilla Gardens on a Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago. The three of them looked fabulous and I couldn’t wait to get started. Eve wore a white summer dress and Mia wore a delicate floral patterned dress – what a stunning family!

Eve and Phuc have booked their upcoming wedding with me. As it is still a little while away, we decided to have a family session in the meantime. I was so excited to spend time with the three of them again. Time had flown by since our initial meeting and Mia had grown up so much already.

The day was perfect for an outdoor shoot, as it was slightly overcast. We met in the gardens, where they had organised a little picnic, along with games and activities. Mia is such a lovely and genuine little girl. Her polite and charming nature clearly comes from both her parents.

The session was very relaxed and interactive. We started off with a little catch up as we enjoyed some snacks graciously prepared by Eve and Phuc. Mia dished the food out for everyone and was a great little helper. As we splayed out on the picnic table, the atmosphere felt so lovely already; I knew it was going to be a fun day.

We then walked to several locations around the garden. I focused on the three of them and captured their loving relationship with my camera. The first spot we stopped at was amongst some large trees. Mia twirled in her little dress and told us cute stories. She was so entertaining and adorable to watch.

From there we headed to a luscious rose garden, where they laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. They were so comfortable in front of my camera, which allowed me to capture some lovely candid moments. Eve had set up some games for Mia to play with, including tennis and bowling. Mia clearly adores her parents and they had so much fun together.

I was also able to get some beautiful shots of Phuc and Eve as a couple. This was a nice little practise shoot for them before the wedding. The two of them giggled together as I directed them to cuddle in closer together. They clearly share an electric connection, which comes across so clearly in these images.

This was such a wonderful family session; thanks for spending the morning with me and my camera, Eve, Phuc and Mia! This has made me even more excited for your wedding day, as we’ll get to work together again. The three of you are naturals in front of the camera and I hope you enjoy these images for years to come!

Much love,

M xxx

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