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As soon I saw Brittany and Peter’s enquiry pop into my inbox, my heart leapt. I knew this wedding would be spectacular, as the most amazing venue was booked: Glasshaus. Being given the opportunity to photograph in this beautiful setting has been on my bucket list for ages. When I met Brittany and Peter for the first time, I became even more excited to shoot their wedding; they are such a genuinely lovely couple.

At long last the day arrived and I headed to their gorgeous home in North Fitzroy. I was greeted by Peter, his groomsmen and his family from Wales. They all seemed so relaxed as they enjoyed a beer in the courtyard before the day’s festivities started. We got some candid shots of the boys chatting and laughing together before it was time for them to change into their suits.

After taking some detail shots, it was time photograph the boys getting ready. They were all in excellent spirits as they got themselves organised and into their gorgeous suits. I must say, I was very impressed as I watched them tie on their bowties without a hitch. Without any trouble, they were sitting perfectly around their necks and were set to take some photos. We used the outside wall of the house, which was painted in splashes of pastel colours. This was such a fun and vibrant backdrop!


Once we were done with these shots, I photographed Peter as he read a touching note from Brittany. They had both agreed to write each other letters before the wedding. Her words brought so many smiles to his face, which was so lovely to see. He was clearly about to marry his best friend. This made him even more excited to get the day underway and see his bride. I said goodbye for now and headed off to Richmond, where the girls had organised an Air BnB.


When I arrived, Bec Wilson was there putting the finishing touches on hair and make-up. As usual, she worked her magic and everyone was looking fabulous. I could tell all the girls were all brimming with excitement. After getting some detail shots of the amazing flowers and accessories. it was time for Brittany to change into her Rue de Seine wedding dress. We all gasped as she stepped out of the room for all of us to see; the dress paired with her hair and make-up looked gorgeous. She also had a lovely floral headpiece.


We took a moment for Brittany to read the heartfelt note Peter had written for her. It was so touching to see her reaction to Peter’s words. We then got some group shots of the bridal party; Brittany’s two bridesmaids looked fabulous in their coordinating dresses. Before long, it was time to head to the Fitzroy Gardens to meet the boys for a First Look session.

022-storyboard023-storyboard024-storyboard025-storyboardI met the boys and got them into place as they waited for the girls to arrive. I asked the groomsmen and bridesmaids to give Brittany and Peter a private moment as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. This generally makes a First Look session feel more special, as there is no audience. It certainly was an intimate moment filled with love. Peter turned around to face his bride. Both of their faces filled with emotion, which I captured with my camera.


Soon after, we were joined by the rest of the wedding party; the six of them looked so fabulous in their complementing outfits. They lined up amongst a row of trees for some portrait shots. They were such good fun to photograph and we got a plenty of candid laughter mixed in. We then used the conservatory for some more group shots. I then asked the groomsmen and bridesmaids to wait outside as I took Brittany and Peter for some more private shots.


It was then finally time to head to the venue, the fabulous Glasshaus in Cremorne. I didn’t think this venue could possibly look any more breathtaking than it did when I first visited, but I was wrong. I stepped inside and the setting was perfect; every detail brought the place to life. My eyes took in the layout, the soft lighting, the placement of the lush plants, the ceremony space and everything was stunning. Brittany and Peter had thoughtfully laid out some personal items, including photos and Polaroid cameras, around the venue.


Guests started to trickle in and they were all in awe of the magical space in which they got to celebrate for the evening. It really was something else! Plenty of hugs and kisses were shared and it was lovely to see such a closely-knit group of family and friends. Everyone was clearly so excited to be coming together in celebration of such a lovely couple. The room then hushed in silence as the bridesmaids arrived at the front of the ceremony area and waited for Brittany.


A traditional Welsh hymn started and Brittany walked in arm-in-arm with her parents. Family and friends watched from either side of them, smiles glued to each of their faces. As she walked closer and closer to the love of her life, the two of them exchanged adorable looks. All the guests looked on in excitement as they watched their wedding celebrant, Chloe, officiate their marriage. Giggles and sweet words were exchanged and the ceremony was sealed with a kiss.

048-storyboard049-storyboard050-storyboard051-storyboard052-storyboard053-storyboard054-storyboard055-storyboard056-storyboard057-storyboard058-storyboardFollowing the ceremony, we took some family shots in front of the venue. These were some very special shots, as many of the guests had travelled from all over the world! We had a short session with the wedding party, as well as of the newlyweds themselves. In no time at all, they excitedly re-joined the party as Mr and Mrs!

059-storyboard060-storyboard061-storyboardThe night was kicked off by some touching speeches. Brittany and Peter shared a beautiful first dance, which opened up the dancefloor for the rest of the guests to join them. Create Catering did a fabulous job on food and drinks, which made the evening even more enjoyable. Brittany had made a fabulous wedding cake, which looked and tasted amazing. Peter had also carved Lovespoons for everyone as a token of gratitude to their guests, which is a lovely Welsh tradition. Every last detail was just perfect.

047-storyboard062-storyboard063-storyboard064-storyboard065-storyboard066-storyboard067-storyboard068-storyboard069-storyboard070-storyboard071-storyboard072-storyboardI wish these amazing love birds a lifetime of happiness together. Thank you so much for having me as a part of your day. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you, your family and your friends. It was a fabulous day full of love and celebration.

Much love,

M xxx

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