Best Ways to Announce Your Engagement

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As soon as you and your partner officially decide to spend your lives together, it’s usual for you to want to announce your engagement to everyone and anyone. Now that we live in a world that revolves around social media, more and more creative ways to share the news of your engagement are surfacing. There is still something special about telling your immediate family and closest friends in person or over the phone. But why not add that extra hype by recreating one of these fun photos and spread the news to your social network?


“I said yes!”

This is a classic way to let everyone know your significant other popped the question. You can include this in your caption or try to incorporate it in your photo. Write it on the palm of your hand and turn your ring around to face the camera. Scribble it into the sand. Write it on a chalkboard. There are endless ways for you to let everyone know you intend to tie the knot.


Show off your rock

As soon as you tell someone you have become engaged, it’s pretty much guaranteed the other person’s immediate reply will be, “Congratulations – show me the ring!” By making your shiny new ring the focus of your photo, you’ll really be giving your friends and family something to talk about. Show off your spouse-to-be as well, as no doubt he’ll be smiling from ear to ear.


Stunning backdrops #nofilter

People always love to hear how the grand gesture went down as well. If he bent down on one knee on a white sandy beach or next to waterfall or amongst the snow, you will have a beautiful backdrop for your photo. This will set the romantic scene and allow you to look back on that special moment for years to come.


Use your pets

Aim for the instant cute factor by letting your pet announce your engagement for you! After all, they are a part of your family as well. If they are especially obedient, place the ring on their nose and zoom right in to their adorable face. Otherwise, use a chalkboard to display a message like, “My humans are getting married!”. You’ll get both Congratulations and Aww from everyone.


Use props to spell it out

Don’t want to get in front of the camera yourself? Just use props to spread your special news instead! Use Scrabble letters to spell out the words LOVE or I DO. Incorporate your engagement ring to replace the letter O as well. You could also write special words on a coffee cup or a chalk board. There are so many fun and creative items you can use – see my Pinterest boards for even more inspiration.



This is such an exciting time for the two of you; getting to share this with those who are close to you feels wonderful. Get ready for everyone to congratulate you and wish you all the best because you deserve to feel special. Now is when you can really start daydreaming about your upcoming wedding, your honeymoon and the rest of your lives together. Get in touch with me for any wedding queries, as I’ve seen and photographed so many engagement portraits and weddings!



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