Emilie’s Kids Photography Session

My sister Emilie has recently welcomed her third little bubba into the world: Ollie Edward. He is, of course, just the most precious little man. He was born on 31st of March, at a healthy 9 pounds. Em, the complete the machine that she is, decided on a home birth for her third child. This happened in the middle of the night, so I wasn’t there to join. But when I met him the next day, it was love at first sight. His gorgeous little head of blonde hair won me over before he even looked at me.

We decided that in his first week we would take some photos. We wanted to get some shots of Ollie on his own, as well as with his big brother, Toby Thomas, and his big sister, Sophie Rose. All three of them have the brightest blonde hair and stunning blue eyes; they’re a beautiful family. I was so excited to spend the day with these amazing kids who I have so much love for!

Now they say a challenge for photographers is working with animals or kids. I can attest to that – especially when they’re kids… that you know! Having photographed so many children over the years, it was so funny to do it for some who know me and are comfortable around me. Instead of standing and smiling, they were jumping all over me! My camera quickly became a toy to them, so we had to make a deal: for every nice photo I took of them, they would get to take a photo themselves. Mind you, this camera is far too heavy for them to hold!

For Ollie’s solo session, we opted for a sun-filled room for natural lighting. We propped him up on my baby bean bag and I started to shoot. Newborns are generally so lovely to photograph, but the key to success here was to work quickly. This little fella would not sleep! He knew there was so much going on and did not want to miss out on anything. We still, however, managed to get some beautiful images. His tiny little features are so sweet; he is such a stunner!

Before Sophie and Toby’s session together, I first conned her into sitting still long enough for me to give her a princess braid. When we were set, we decided the hedge outside would be the best spot for the shots. The two of them both stood and entertained us for the first half; they were loving the spotlight! They shared cuddles and kisses, as well as a few little fights. It was all totally worth it for these amazing photographs.

To finish off the afternoon, we got the three kids together. These were such precious moments for me to watch. Seeing Sophie and Tony interact with their little brother, it’s clear to see that they are both obsessed with him! They are so lucky to have each other, as there is something so special about sibling love. I can say this from experience!

Well done, Em – this little bubba is amazing! You have produced three of my four of favourite kids in the entire world! I can’t forget my other favourite, Marcel, whose images can be seen here.

With so much love,

Your doting Aunty Mad xxx

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