Newborn Photography Shoot: Introducing Marcel

I was thrilled to receive news of the arrival of my nephew, Marcel, on the 22nd of August. My sister, Aimee, and her partner, Khoi, were overjoyed as they welcomed their first baby into the world. Only a few hours after his birth, we all gathered to meet him in the hospital.

Within the first week, we were able to organise a little photography session for the little man. We decided to have the shoot at Aimee and Khoi’s house in the North of Melbourne.

When I got there, little Marcel was curled up in his mum’s arms, milk drunk and sleepy eyed. We waited for him to drift off to sleep before beginning; this didn’t take long, as he was already a good daytime sleeper. We then carefully placed him onto a pastel blue blanket.

Through my camera lens, I eagerly watched as his tiny facial expressions changed. Every slight movement he made was so beautiful to me. He looked peaceful as he enjoyed sweet dreams, completely unaware of us capturing these moments.

After getting enough shots of Marcel on his own, we had a candid session of the three of them seated on the sofa. So much love is reflected in each of these images; both parents gazed at their gorgeous creation with adoration.

We were even able to get some shots of the family alongside their gorgeous dog, Monty! These photographs will be so precious to them for generations to come and it was such a delight to be a part of this session!

Congratulations again to my beautiful sister and her loving partner. I know you will be amazing parents to this lucky boy! I am already looking forward to my next cuddle with Marcel. Being an auntie to yet another angel fills my heart with joy; see my newborn photography session with my niece, Sophie Rose.

If you’re interested in a family session with me, click here for more information.

Auntie Madeleine xxx

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