What to Expect at Your Newborn Photography Session


Did you just have your bub and are you looking to get some Newborn photos done? How exciting! Now you are wondering… What to expect at your Newborn photography session?

You are reading this blog post probably because you are wanting to know how you should plan for your Newborn session, what you should expect during your session and what happens after your Newborn photography session.

Well, you are at the right place. Let’s get into it!

What to Expect at Your Newborn photography Session

Planning for Your Newborn Photography Session

When should you photograph your newborn? The best time to photograph your baby is within the first two weeks (ideally between 5-12 days old) in order to get the best out of your session and to achieve similar results showcased in my portfolio

In saying this, I have also been lucky enough to photograph babies that are a little older than this! Sometimes those first few weeks are just not doable! So within the first month or two are also fine.

Having become a parent myself, I can’t express how quickly your little one changes within those first few weeks/months, so it’s very important that we grab those moments and capture them as early as we can!

Due dates are reserved as a tentative date for your Newborn session. Please get in touch about your session early to ensure I have the dates available for you. Your date can be booked months in advance.

To reserve your due date, you will need to complete some simple paperwork and pay a retainer. This will only take a few minutes and you will have your date secured!

Please note that no dates will be held without the paperwork and retainer.

What happens if you are having a C-Section? For those having a planned C-Section, you can pre-book based off the date that has been scheduled.

If you are having a Natural Birth, you can book a tentative date using the due date and please get in touch the day of or very soon after your bub is born.

I understand this will be a very busy time for you so even if you shoot a quick text message, or have a family member contact me, I can schedule the session and come back to you with the confirmed details.

Best Newborn Photographer Near Me Baby Photography Session Melbourne VIC

During Your Newborn Photography Session

To make things easier for you, I do in-home sessions within the comfort of your own home. My mama clients love this because it takes the stress out of them having to leave the house or get ready. Once you have been discharged from the hospital and settled back home, we can go ahead with your In-home Newborn session.

What you will need to have ready is a nice clear space next to a window where it can fit a posing beanbag and my equipment for the session. It’s important to have natural light coming in if you want the best results. It can either be the lounge room or the bedroom if you have some space in there. 

If you have decided to use the bedroom for the photography session, please have the bed made and have any clutter removed from the bedside tables. This will make the experience more enjoyable for you and your bub if this is done prior to the session. 

Best Time to Photograph A Newborn Baby Madeleine Chiller Photographer

Behind the scenes from one of my beautiful sessions

When should you feed your bub? If possible, try to feed your bub as I arrive and set up for the session. That way when we are ready to start, your baby is nice and sleepy for the first solo shots. 

Usually your bub’s solo shots will come first then siblings and parents will join in. In saying that, it also depends on how your baby is on the day and this order can change very easily!

During the session, it is best if I do the handling and you can sit back and relax. By doing so, your baby can get used to me moving and posing them which will make the session run more smoothly.

To ensure you and your baby have a relaxing experience, the shoot can be broken into sessions. For example, if bub becomes unsettled, we are able to take breaks for feeding, comforting and cuddling when they are needed. It’s important that you and your baby feel comfortable throughout the whole experience.

If possible, please have a heater within the space of the shoot as this will ensure your baby is nice and warm to help keep them sleepy and relaxed. Because the room will be warm, it’s recommended that you dress in a few layers so they can be easily removed as we move through the session. Trust me, you will feel it!

It will also be helpful to have change supplies handy in the session space.

Newborn Family Photos At Home Newborn Photography Near Me Baby Ned Madeleine Chiller Photographer 2

Love the image above; having fun in session is a must!

Newborn Family Photos At Home Newborn Photography Near Me Baby Ned Madeleine Chiller Photographer 3

Any props? Don’t worry if you don’t have anything prepared! I will supply a beanbag for posing and some plain wraps for your bub. 

If you have a favourite hat or wrap, even a teddy that’s been given as a special gift, you are more than welcome to include it in the photos. Please let me know in advance so I can plan and set it up for you.

Things you should note… Newborn sessions last approximately 2-2.5 hours (some longer and some shorter, just depending on the little one!). Please allow 2-3 hours for the session on the day. To ensure the Newborn session run smoothly, I kindly ask that you do not schedule any visitors, appointments or commitments within this time.

The goal of the session is to get a variety of portraits of your little one; solo, with siblings (if applicable), and with parents as a family unit.

This session time allows for lots of comforting, cuddling and changing hence why it can seem a bit long.

Baby Photographer Melbourne Newborn Photography Near Me In Home Photo Sessions Babies Charli 2

Newborn Photography Near Me Baby Photographer Melbourne In Home Photo Sessions Babies Charli 8

After Your Newborn Photography Session

Please allow two weeks for the session to be available online. You will receive a message or an email with the gallery information once the images are ready!

It depends on the package you go with, you will receive a number of high resolution images included for download and these images are to be selected within two weeks before they will be available to you.

Of course, you also have the additional option to print your gorgeous images for your home!

Newborn Family Photoshoot At Home Melbourne Newborn Photography Near Me Madeleine Chiller Photography

Natural Light Newborn Family Photoshoot At Home Melbourne Newborn Photography Near Me Madeleine Chiller Photography 3

Phew! That was a bit longer than usual but I hope this was helpful to you :)

I can’t wait to hear from you about your bub and create some gorgeous Newborn photos for you to cherish in the future!

If you have a new baby or a little one arriving soon, let me help you capture those precious moments of the first few days! Click here to learn more about my Newborn Photography Session.

Madeleine x


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