Sofia’s Christening Photography

Little Sofia, the much-loved daughter of Jess and Amedeo, is just a little angel. At just seven months old, her personality is already shining through. Her eyes are always full of curiosity, which is what I love about photographing babies and toddlers. On the day of her christening, I arrived at their family home for some photos of Sofia getting ready. After a quick meet and greet, it was time for her doting godparents to bathe her. They handled bath duty with ease, which we got some lovely shots of.

It was then time to get Sofia into her tiny gown. I got some intimate shots of her getting dressed; she and her godparents shared some lovely moments together. She looked adorable in her Evie and John’s gown, which was perfect for the occasion. In long white lace, she was ready for the big event!001-storyboard 002-storyboard 003-storyboard 004-storyboard 005-storyboard 006-storyboard 007-storyboard 008-storyboard 009-storyboard 010-storyboard

We headed outside to take advantage of the beautiful weather Melbourne was giving us that day. The front garden was the perfect backdrop, so we got to work at getting some wonderful family photos. This went nice and quickly and we managed to get many variations of everyone at the house. This is a very close-knit family and the images of everyone’s proud smiling faces reflect that.

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Before long, it was time to head to St Fidelis’ Church for the ceremony. Upon arrival, plenty of friends and family were already there waiting to greet us. It was lovely to see little Sofia’s reaction as she recognised many of the smiling faces looking down at her. We head into the church and claimed our spot at the very front.

Multiple children were being christened that day and I peered over in adoration as all the kids sat calmly in their parent’s laps. They looked too cute in their stunning gowns and smart little chinos and bow ties. Some looked at me with wide eyes as I snapped away. Truth be told, I must have been quite a sight to see: lady with a massive camera running around the church!

The ceremony then began and soon it was Sofia’s turn. Everyone watched as she was christened among her nearest and dearest. She did a great job and was so peaceful. With a final blessing of what had just taken place, everyone stood up to wish Jess, Amedeo and Sofia well. We got straight into family and guest photos. I’m glad we also got some shots with the father too, as he was a big part of Sofia’s special moment.

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Once the service was complete, all of us headed to Firenze where a sit-down lunch was organised. Family and friends came along to visit and celebrate. Thank you again to Jess and Amedeo for letting me be a part of this beautiful day. You have such a lovely family and I’m so happy I got to capture such special images for you.

Much love,

M xxx