Baby Sofia’s Christening Photography

As I hung up the phone following Damian and Nadia’s initial enquiry about baby Sofia’s christening, I was thrilled. The day came around quickly and as I stepped into their beautiful home, they were both so welcoming. My heart melted when I met little Sofia; she is so adorable!

I started the day with some detail shots. Her tiny little dress was adorned with beautiful white lace and was to be accompanied by delicate slippers. Her parents were dressed for the occasion as well; as they all stood together, I took note of what a stunning family they are!

Snapping away with my camera, Nadia and Damian helped Sofia into her dress. Sofia looked up into my camera lens with her big, beautiful brown eyes. Perfectly content, she smiled and enjoyed the attention. Her godfather, Daniel, was there to help with the preparations as well. We took some lovely family shots before heading off to the church.

I arrived at St John the Baptist Church in Clifton Hill where plenty of guests were already there waiting. It was nice to see such a large group of friends and family come together to witness the upcoming ceremony. Damian, Nadia and Sofia arrived shortly after and the guests were all so excited to see them; everyone cooed over how gorgeous Sofia looked in her dress.

The mass was led by Father Peter Hoang; it was a lovely traditional service. The church was filled with friends and family for the three children being christened that day. Sofia behaved wonderfully and everyone watched with expressions of pride and joy on their faces.

After the service, we gathered around and took more family photographs within the beautiful church. Her parents and grandparents looked pleased as they stood with baby Sofia. We made sure we got a group shot outside the church with all of the guests as well. Soon after, we moved on to celebrate at Firenze.

By the time we reached this wonderful venue, Sofia was sound asleep in her pram. Everyone enjoyed a lovely sit-down lunch and the room was filled with great energy. The room was decorated by SS Event Specialists; vibrant gold balloons hung around the room. Cakes by Vanessa organised a lovely layered cake for the occasion. I was able to capture some beautiful moments as Damian, Nadia and Sofia cut into this together.

Just as I was about to leave, I saw Sofia sitting on the floor with her little cousins. We watched as they bonded together; the three of them looked like the best of friends. I got some beautiful shots of them having a little kids’ session. Sofia flashed me the biggest smile, which just made my day!

It was such a privilege to be a part of this special celebration. Thank you to Damian and Nadia for making me feel so welcome. You were both a joy to work with and I look forward to seeing Sofia grow into an even more gorgeous lady.

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