Fashion Photography for Louisa Daish: Imperfections Line

Imperfections by Louisa Daish focuses around the meaning of dressing by challenging its everyday context. Combining traditional lingerie techniques and outerwear, this collection aims to express and awaken our internal thoughts. Focusing on the tangible and emotional qualities of the tea rose, the methodology encapsulates the colour combinations and textural elements of the tea rose. The lingerie, acts as the stabilizer, and yet begins to show signs of wear. The conventional use of lingerie began as the anchor point to each garment, however each look aims to expand beyond its primal definition of being an undergarment. The delicacy of the tea rose versus the structural components of the lingerie, creates a perfect juxtaposition ultimately creating a wearable, handmade feel within each garment.

Creative Team:

MadeleineChiller_Fashion_garmet1 MadeleineChiller_Fashion_garmet2 MadeleineChiller_Fashion_garmet3 MadeleineChiller_Fashion_garmet4 MadeleineChiller_Fashion_garmet5 MadeleineChiller_Fashion_garmet6 MadeleineChiller_Fashion_garmet7 MadeleineChiller_Fashion_garmet8 MadeleineChiller_Fashion_garmet9